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Donations welcome and appreciated
If you would like to help us make this dream a reality, please contact Scott Marshall at the Downtown Development Authority (906) 643-8252

2015 Project Plans
(2) ball fields each with a press box, dugouts and a bleacher
Concession Stand with bathrooms
Sod fields
Trail Pathway from Marquette Street to Trailhead Site
Fishing Dock
Trail around the pond

2020 Project Plans- scaled back plans
(2) ball fields- 1 Press Box- No other dugouts, volunteers will build later.
1 Bleacher instead of 2
Concession stand with bathrooms (No Change)
Trail Pathway from Marquette Street to Trailhead Site (east side of parking lot)
Fishing Dock (size and features TBD by budget)
$10,000 budget for trail around the pond utilizing volunteer work
No Sod- using black dirt and grass seed
Scaling back on landscaping material for green areas
Reduce the number of benches, picnic tables and trash cans

2015 Trust Fund Grant TF15-0182        $280,000
Local Contributions                                 $134,000

Project Donors

Visitors Bureau, Sault Tribe, Kiwanis, Events Committee, Mackinac County, Moran Township, St. Ignace Township, Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, City of St. Ignace, Downtown Development Authority, Recreation Department, First National Bank, BC Pizza, U.P State Credit Union, North Country Trail, Central Savings Bank,  Mackinac Grille, Noyes Family, Mark and Cathie Sposito, Carmeuse Lime and Stone

Project Leader: Downtown Development Authority (906) 643-8252
Project Engineer: Brian Olsen; R.S Scott Associates

Bid Deadline May 22, 2020
Bid Tabulation LBE Park Project

Project Scope Items
Ball Field (1 Field Minimum)
Fence (1 Field Minimum)
6′ Minimum Trail Pathway Connection (Bypass Around the Pond Isn’t Included as a scope item)
Fishing Dock or Fishing Deck (Either must meet grant requirements)
1 Bench, 1 Bike Rack, 1 Picnic Table, 1 Trash Can
Lighting LED Solar

Our Story and Vision
The Little Bear Park Project plans includes (2) ball fields that will be used for baseball and softball programs in the community and potentially tournaments.  The concession stand with bathrooms will be available seasonally.  This site is a major trail head for the North Country Trail, snowmobile trail, ATV trail, Iron Belle Trail and the new St. Ignace Downtown Recreational Recreation Trail.  There will be trailhead improvement and connectivity starting from Marquette Street to the trailhead site with a additional trail loop around the pond for pedestrians and eventually bicycles.  There will be a fishing dock or deck on the shore of the pond.  There will be signage at the park, solar lighting in locations, landscaping and furnishings.
This is a 2015 Project with a 2015 budget and projected costs.  We are now facing 2020 expenses.  The project was bid out 3 times.  During the last round of bids, we broke the project up into 6 portions with the City of St. Ignace DDA acting as the general contractor in efforts to reach more contractors.  We were excited to receive 8 respectable bids that addressed 4 portions of the project.  We are excited to work with the contractors that are awarded the contract.
The reality is since our costs have increased since 2015, we will have to scale back the project on non-scope items.

Project Documents
City Council Resolution for Little Bear Park Project
Project Agreement Scope Items
Sponsor a Park Bench Order Form

Map of Fields

Map of Pond


June 4th 2020 LBE Park Project Committee agrees to revised scaled back plans
June 4, 2020  Business owner volunteers to raise money and build 3 remaining dugouts
June 15, 2020 City Council Approves Bids- DDA Director updates council on revised plans
June 19, 2020 DDA Updated
June 23- July 21 Met with contractors
July 23 Met with Public Works Superintendent RE: city in-kind and rough grade, final grade and trails
July 28 Carroll Construction signed contract
8-4-20 Rudyard Electric signed contract
8-4-20 Carroll Construction breaks ground
8-10-20 Robinson Fence signs contract
8-10-20 City stubs in water service to concession
8-11-20 Foundation prepped with rebar, sand and moisture barrier
8-12-20 Plumbers install plumbing in floor
8-12-20 Plumbing Inspection Approved
8-17-20 Excavation begins
8-17-20 Updated City Council on project
8-19-20 Water main tap
8-21-20 Excavation work, underground electric, and concrete floor dugout
8-24-20 Excavation work, underground electric for future scoreboards
8-25-20 Concession Framing
8-27-20 Concession Framing
8-31-20 Anonymous $15,000 donation to be used for visitor dugout west field
9-2-20 Engineer added more grade stakes
9-10-20 Park Committee Meeting discuss $15,000 donation to visitor dugout
9-14-20 DPW starts on Park Trail
9-14-20 Set Trusses on Concession
9-14-20 Sample infield mix arrives
9-15-20 DPW works on trail
9-16-20 DPW starts sanitary sewer
9-17-20 DPW sewer pipe install

Concession/bathroom foundation 8-12-20

Dugout/Pressbox foundation 8-12-20

8-17-20 Plumbing Prior to Concrete Floor

8-17-20 First Day of Excavation on Fields

Water main tap for service

8-21-20 Concession/bathroom concrete floor

8-24-20 Concession stand interior wall blocks

Concession stand wall framing 8-25-20

Concession Building Framed

Storage Room

Men’s Bathroom

Concession Stand 9-3-20

Dugout 9-3-20

Dugout 9-3-20

Pond Trail 9-3-20

Pond Trail 9-3-20




Park Trail 9-15-20




Project Contributors
Financial List Local Contributors- Updated
Current Budget
Budget 9-1-20